Discount Table Linens – Find Cheap Table Linens

When it comes to find discount table linens, many people don’t know where to start. There is a fact that discount table linens are usually cheap but in most cases, they are not very nice in quality and design.

However, that’s only a part of the story. With a little search, you can easily find good table linens at very affordable prices. Still don’t believe? I will show you shortly.

I once tried to find a nice design tablecloth at size 60″ X 140″ with white color. However, the unfortunate thing is all the items I found are great in designs but their prices was too high for the money I would love to spend. I was almost to lose my motivation to find one but my friend advised me to go online to do some search. To my amazement, there are a lot of discount table linens that fit perfectly to my needs and the price is much cheaper. For example, the Vinyl Lace Betenburg Design Tablecloth White 60″ X 104″ sold at $50 at my local store but at, the price is only $19.99. Can you see the great money I can save with a little searching?

If you are preparing for events, it’s not necessary to buy table linens even at cheap price. You can find discount rental table linens, usually available at your local area (if you are lucky). The price is just great (usually a small fraction to the buy price. If you are not lucky enough to find a place to rent table linens, finding wholesale table linens to buy is another great choice. Thought wholesale table linens are not as cheap as rental ones, you still can save a lot of money.

Getting discount wedding table linens is not hard too if you are willing to dig around. As mentioned above, you can rent them or if rental option is not available, you can buy a new one online. However, be careful when choosing table linens for wedding because the price range is quite wide (from 10 to over $100). I once tried to find a set for a wedding and I almost got the one with cost me over $90. Luckily for me, soon after, I found the White Damask Table Cloth 60″ X 84″ for Wedding, Anniversary, Bridal Shower or Special Events (you can do a search on amazon), with only $11. The Damask table cloth is just amazing with elegant white color. It’s perfect fit for events like wedding.

Different from wedding table linens, which usually strictly related to white color, finding discount restaurant table linens is much easier because you will have a lot color option. Red, blue, green, white table linens are perfectly fits to restaurant. With a few search on sites like amazon, I found a lot of discount table linens with price lower than $15. Here are some you can take a look:

1. 52 in by 52 in White Square Tablecloth Heavy Woven Polyester – Commercial Grade (50% discount)

2. Clear Plastic Tablecloth – 60×84 RECTANGLE (nice design, dropped from $17 to $4, I don’t think you can get a better discount)

3. DII Restaurant Quality 52 by 52-Inch Tablecloth (elegant designs, with white color, only $12 after discount)

And a lot more you can find.

As you can see, finding fine discount table linens is not hard at all. If you need to save some money, don’t be lazy to do a little extended searches. If you have large amount to buy, digging a little more will save you even thousands dollars on discount table linens deals.