Cheap Linen Tablecloths – Best Quality

If you are looking for cheap linen tablecloth, here is the right place.

I have been working for my family restaurant for more than 3 years and buying new stuffs is my job. At my first purchased, I tried to stay away from cheap linen tablecloths because I thought low price means low quality. However, I changed that view very soon as I found that many great linen tablecloths are very cheap. The matter is you know where to look at. If you have been searching for the local stores, that’s not enough. I made this mistake when I started and our restaurant had to spend a lot of money. Later I found that with only one third amount of that money, I can get even better sets. From my experience, I will show you how to find cheap linen tablecloths easily.

If you are finding cheap tablecloths, ebay is a place you should go first. People sell a lot of thing there, including linen tablecloths. There is one difficulty when you buy tablecloths on ebay. That is if you want to buy large amount of identical items, it could be quite hard. The reason is people on ebay mostly are small household selling things they don’t need. That’s why if you want to buy in bulks and get the big discount, you should look else where.

The another place I recommend you to visit when finding cheap linen tablecloths is This place has been my favorite marketplace for years. The reason is there are a lot of items for you to choose and you can easily find great tablecloths with very nice price. For example, I was once searching for a white 70 inch round tablecloth. At the local store, the cheapest item was sold at $40. However, when I looked at, the similar items I could get was only $14. You see, a little search can save you huge amount of cash.

Wholesale linen tablecloths are also my personal favorite. Simply I need to buy a lot of tablecloth every year so the wholesale deals really fit my need. When I shop for table linens, I always ask the seller if there is a wholesale price. Usually, the seller will gladly offer me 25% discounts for order over 100. You may not need that many items but if you search at table linen stores, I think you could find some nice deals.

Table linens prices are different at different stores. When you want to save money, you should look for discount table linens. Don’t think it hard to get such discount deals. Look how can I get some nice and cheap linen tablecloths after few minutes on amazon only:

1. Bardwil Linen Ease 70-inch Round Tablecloth, White (Only $14)

2. Bardwil Cobblestone 52-inch By 52-inch Square Tablecloth, Barley (Nearly 50% discounts)

3. Benson Mills Romance Herringbone Fabric Tablecloth, Linen, 60-Inch-by-120-Inch (50% discounts)

You can see, it’s really easy to save few hundred bucks when shopping for cheap linen tablecloths. You can do search at other stores, not necessarily amazon.