Round Table Linens – Cheap Round Table Linens At Great Price

We see round tables everywhere, in your kitchen, in restaurants, in bars… With the growing new trend using round table, round table linens becomes hot. Finding a cheap round table linens can be tough for the first time shopper. Don’t worry much, after reading this post, you will find that it’s really easy to find a linen table covers.

The first thing you need to take into account is the round table linen manufacturers. Trustworthy manufacturers will never make low quality tablecloths. With that said, choosing table runners from Bardwil, Benson Mill will help you free from any worry of buying inferior items. Don’t be scared to look for famous brands when you are on a budget, there are many cheap table linens from big manufacturers too.
The next thing you need to consider when looking for round table linens is what size of your round table. In most cases, tables are made in standard size. There are 60 inch, 70 inch, 90 inch, 120 inch and 180 inch tables and you can find the adequate round table linens for such tables. Be sure to measure your table first before buying a tablecloth. Doing so will save you a lot of headache because you will not get the wrong size (like I did once).

Color does matter when choosing round table linens. As you know, colors can speak a lot of thing about the owner and if choose right, the color of table linens will make your space become more gorgeous. I’m not going tell you how to choose color that fit into your space here. However, the color of the table covers must fit well into the total context.

The last thing (but also the most important thing) is price. Don’t think the more expensive, the better. I got a lot of great round table linens at price lower than $30, even lower than $20. The trick is don’t be lazy. If you are serious about saving money, don’t hesitate to spend few more minutes to search for good deals. Here are some great result I got after 5 minutes searching on

1. Bardwil Linen Ease 70-inch Round Tablecloth, White (27% discount)

2. Reflections 70-Inch Round Tablecloth, Merlot (16% discount)

3. Reflections 60 by 84-Inch Oval Tablecloth, Merlot (31% discount)

4. Bardwil Evolution 70-Inch Round Tablecloth, Sage (42% discount)

5. Benson Mills Prego Waffleweave Fabric Tablecloth, Taupe, 70-Inch Round (44% discount)

You can see, if we don’t do a search, it’s really easy for us to miss such amazing discount. I learned this lesson in the hard way when I spend almost $900 on linen tablecloths and soon after that, I found I could have saved more than 45% of the total deal. This is the lesson I’ve never forgot and it have saved me a lot of money.